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Who We Are

Due to the limited Zincalume® tank manufactures in South Africa, with long lead times and unaffordable water storage prices, Phoenix Tanks have set up a Zincalume® tank manufacturing facility to provide affordable and on-time water storage solutions. After years of research and development, Phoenix Tanks has successfully manufactured supply and installed various sizes of Zincalume® tanks across Africa and South Africa.


All Phoenix Tanks products are engineered designed to be affordable, safe, reliable, and to meet all quality standards.

Phoenix Tanks is highly competitive in the South African Zincalume® tank market. We pride ourselves to be ranked as one of the top three Zincalume® tank manufacturers in South Africa.


Our Mission

To give our customers the most affordable and reliable water storage solution in the shortest possible time.

Our Vission

Our vision is to supply, improve, and more affordable water storage tanks then what is currently available in the market.

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