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Kulula Tank

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Kulula tank – Eazy tank is designed for affordability and reliability as the main design feature.

The Kulula range tanks are open top and not provided with a cover or roof.

The Kulula tank is available in
29kl,- 4.5 m Ø x 2 m High 
65 kl, - 6.75 m Ø x 2 m High 
110 kl – 8.2 m Ø x 2 m High 
260kl – 12 m Ø x 2 m High. 
Including 50 mm outlet & Valve (Up to 350 mm Outlet assemblies can be provided)
Our range of Khulula Tank is guaranteed to be the most cost-effective option available

in the market and we will beat any written quote on profiled Zinkalume Tanks.

(Not galvanized corrugated roof sheet tanks)

Nyane tank consists of the following main components:

  • Tank Shall

       (The High-quality Zinkalume® tank.)

  • PVC Liner

       (Food-grade quality PVC)​​

  • Fasteners

      (High strength grade 8.8 hot-dipped galvanized bolts and nuts.)

Due to the modular design of the Khulula Tank, it can be flat packed and fitted into an LDV and transported to any destination. With limited resources, the Khulula Tank is installed in a very short period and is ready for use immediately after installation.

Site Preparations
Limited site preparations are required, a level and the compacted area is required with a sand bed.

The Khulula Tank is designed for the following applications.
• Agriculture
• Irrigation
• Forestry
• Fish Farming
• Construction

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