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Material Properties

Protective coating

Protective coating

The panels and roof sheets are made of black steel that is hot dipped and coated with a solution that consists of  55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc, and 1.5% silicone. The zincallume coating protect the panels when exposed to the elements

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Outlet / Inlet

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All fittings/nozzles are manufactured from mild steel and hot-dipped galvanized according to the SANS 121:2011 and ISO 1561:2009 standards after fabrication


Bolt specifications

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Phoenix tanks use M12 & M14 bolts designed with serrated flange heads. Hot dipped galvanized grade 8.8 bolts that are up to standard with the SANS 121:2011 and ISO 1461:2009 standards.

Dome roof

Dome Roof

We work closely with professionally qualified engineers to design and refine our fish-bone roof trusses. The roof consists of clear-span self-supporting trusses with no center post. All of our trusses are hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication.



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All our tanks are lined with a certified portable water liner suitable for storing drink water. Under normal climate and operating conditions, the liner will have an approximate lifespan of about 60 years.


The tanks shall

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With only two existing Zincalume profiles currently available in South Africa, we make use of an improved V-LOCK system, Phoenix Tanks' unique and exclusive 8-80 v-lock wall profile is designed to give the strength corrugated without the pitfalls of an overstretch liner that is molding with the tank. The profile design also maximizes the strength to ensure that the tank will keep its shape when empty or filled with water. The vertical seams where the structure bolts connected the tanks' panels together are fully covered using a bolt strip and cover the assembly to provide a smooth tamper-free structure.

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